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Building Blocks offer various child development classes in the Ipswich area. Classes are run by Wendy Durrell, a childcare expert with over 30 years experience in the field.

 By attending our classes you can gain many advantages such as:

  • Building a stronger bond with your baby
  • Improving their digestive health
  • Improving their sleep pattern
  • Relaxing them and improving levels of crying
  • Improving baby parent communication
  • Experiencing special time together

 Classes are offered on a group or individual basis. You will also have the opportunity to ask Wendy for advice you may need.


Baby Massage

The soothing strokes of baby massage have been proven to benefit your baby in many ways.

Proven advantages including improving sleep, aid digestion and elimination, relieve wind and colic reducing crying, relaxation for parent and baby, and strengthening their attachment and communication to you. You may also find your own mood improving, and a sense of empowerment.

Baby massage can be your special time together.

Courses consist of 5 sessions

Groups £35 ( Introductory offer)   

One to one at home £55

Groups starting now!

Fun to be a Baby Group

Come along have tea, cake and meet new mums! Sessions on weaning, sleep talk, baby massage and music group. Have fun and socialise with other mums and babies!

Weaning sessions starting 4th July

Book early to recieve a £3 discount

Sign up now for the 3 week weaning course.

Cost:- £20 for all 3 sessions

Venue :-Birch Farm Hintlesham IP8 3NJ

Time:- 13.30pm-14.30pm

Week 1 & 2 will include a free information booklet

Week 3 will include a free information booklet along with a free weaning bowl and spoon.

About Me

My name is Wendy Durrell. I am the owner of Building Blocks, a service specially designed to enable babies and children to reach their full potential. I am a highly skilled Early years practioner with thirty years experience, working within various educational and healthcare settings. I am also a qualified early years assessor my experience ranges from working with the really young up to young early years students.

My passion is Child Development and providing support to parents and carers. Development starts from day one which means providing the right opportunities for your baby also starts here.

Building a good foundation is not only vital to a childs development but is an ongoing process. By providing age appropriate activities and support meeting their individual needs at a pace which is achievable for them. This will establish positive self esteem and confidence,enabling new skills to develop.

Building Blocks provides support through groups or on a one to one basis.

I look forward to hearing from you

Wendy Durrell

Infant Massage trained IAIM Instructor


To ask questions, enquire about classes and private sessions please contact Wendy

 Phone: 01473 691270 or 07952419254


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